Week 2 has come and gone, and what did we learn?

We learned that offensive lines cannot be fixed in a week, and that they can kneecap your fantasy studs. We learned that overreacting to one Week is not something you should do, right Tom Brady owners? Then again, we learned that some over reactions are warranted - looking at you Eli, Brandon Marshall, and Paul Perkins.  We learned that Odell Beckham Jr. and LeGarrette Blount do not care about your fantasy teams. And, Blount learned that fantasy players don't care aboutplay. His emoji, not mine.

So, how did we do in Week 2? Buck Allen is legit, we hit there. Keep plugging with him. Thomas Rawls may have been 'raring to go," but he fumbled and was completely ineffective and most importantly, made us look bad. Fournette geeked out for 95% of the game. A late, meaningless touchdown brought his day back from the brink of fantasy oblivion. Todd Gurley beat us, and as I am writing this watching TNF, he won't stop scoring TDs. Olsen hit as a geek. Unfortunately, it was the result of an injury that landed him on IR - you never want to see that... But quit bringing up old shit, lets get rolling on Week 3.



Jay Cutler/ MIA

We pegged him as a waiver wire addition. Now that you claimed him, trot him out against an inferior Jets D. Let's hope Miami doesn't put the game away before smokin' Jay finishes his first pack.


Derrick Henry / TEN

All those Demarco Murray owners who neglected to handcuff him with Henry are about to be hit by a ton of bricks. All of us who drafted Henry in the 6th or 7th - a gamble that this day will come are about to rejoice. Henry will follow up his 14 carry 92 yard 1 TD performance with another good game against the Seahawks. Cameron Wolfe, a Titans reporter, is reporting that Henry is slated for a significant workload regardless of whether Murray plays or not. If Murray misses significant time, or Henry ultimately wins this job, he is a top-7 RB the rest of the way.


DeAndre Hopkins / HOU

I am not certain Deshaun Watson has been introduced to the other Texans' WRs. Hopkins is pacing the league in targets. That will continue. Opportunity is gold in Fantasy - Hopkins looking like Fort Knox.

DeVante Parker / MIA

We are running that Dolphin stack this week. Cutler to Jeffrey was a site to see. I want to see the Parker version with Jay airing it out and Parker climbing the ladder to bring it down.


Jack Doyle / IND

First colt to hit the Freak list. Doyle can catch. Doyle can run crisp routes. Doyle can score. Doyle also sounds like the name of your elderly neighbor's yippy dog. Tolzien wouldn't throw him the ball. Brissett looks like he is willing to do that. Doyle finds pay dirt against the Browns.



Marcus Mariota / TEN

Mariota has struggled in this early season. He only has 1 passing TD. We like Mariota's season long prospects, but we expect the struggles to continue against the Seahawks.


Leonard Fournette / JAC

Here the talented Rookie stays. He has another tough matchup against a stout Ravens D. They will stack the box and make Bortles beat them through the air. He won't.

LeSean McCoy / BUF

Low end RB2 numbers are in his Week 3 future. Denver just shut down Zeke. McCoy got bottled up and a little banged up last week. Not a good recipe for success here. 


Alshon Jeffery / PHI

Jeffery seems to have good chemistry with Carson Wentz, this is a good thing. The bad thing, the reason why Jeffery ends up on the Geek list in Week 3, is that Janoris Jenkins looks like he is going to return from an ankle injury that kept him out of Week 2. If he does, he will shadow Alshon, and it will be a long night for Eagles new WR. If Jenkins can't go, start Jeffery with confidence.


Jimmy Graham / SEA

Graham has started the 2017 season on a tear.  He has hauled in an unbelievable 4 catches and scorched opposing defenses for a total of 9whole yards. This is .9 points in standard and a shocking 4.9 points in PPR. Some reports say he is dealing with an ankle injury, others argue its his knee that's bothering him. We called our sources and we got to the bottom of it. Graham has a bad case of suck-ass. Stay away until he shakes it.



Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts

You read that right. No joke here. This game is actually going to be really interesting - on many levels. Both offenses are struggling, but so are both defenses. Most weeks we tell people to stream whichever Defense is facing the Colts or the Browns, and bump opposing Offensive players. Now these two teams face each other, so are both defenses startable, or are neither? Will TY Hilton finally have the type of impact his owners drafted him for? Will Isaiah Crowell finally get the touches he needs to produce? Will a guy named Rashard Higgins, who was on the Browns' practice squad two weeks ago actually lead both teams in receiving?

These are the things that will be running through my mind while I watch this early Sunday game. Will I get the answers I am looking for? Will it matter if I do or don't? The only thing I know is that this is the most attention the Browns and Colts will likely get all year on a Circus post.

I AM PAIRING IT WITH... A Great Lakes Brewing Company Nosferatu. A local Cleveland brew that is as scary as the quality of the browns organization.


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